10 Data Recovery Tools You Can Download

In cases of disaster strikes, file get deleted or corrupted accidentally or some unfortunate happen that prevents access of files. For such there is no need to fret since once a file is deleted, the file is recoverable as the system marks the residence of the file as reusable hence removing from its index the file. This then gives a period of recovery of the file. Below is a list of tools free to download and you can use to recover files from full partition rescue to simple recovery of files.


1.) PhotoRec.

PhotoRec is very powerful recovery tool type command line that recovers data lost through bypassing system file and works perfectly in cases where your computer cannot have any access to the drive but can see it. The application works on multiple platforms and different formats of drives even drives in OS X.


2.) Recuva.

Recuva comes with multiple tools to make easier recovery of data. Recuva scans drives deeply and helps recover deleted data from drives or drives that are formatted and damaged. This application is capable of recovering data lost due to power off or unsaved work from applications such as email or Microsoft Word temp folder. The application comes with a wizard to guide on its working and implementation.


3.) TestDisk

TestDisk is accompanied by PhotoRec package that will be used to repair broken system file then make drive usable requiring no formatting and the data in it too. The application cuts on time spend on recovering large amounts of data. The application rebuilds Windows formats and is available for use on different operating systems.

4.) Ultimate Boot CD.

This application contains tools to edit, save or scan computers data or drive. The application tools also aid in recovering data in case booting is not possible into the main OS. Some of the tools are PhotoRec and TestDisk.


5.) UndeleteMyFiles Pro.

This application not only contains tools to assist in recovery of data but as well items to help in the process of recovery. Features include, the standard feature which aids in searching the files deleted and restores the files and Emergency Image which allows snapshotting of disk image of the drive in case an accidental activity overwrites data.


6.) Pandora recovery.

This tool allows you to review your drive for data deleted and then is capable of previewing text and photo files just before their restoration. The application is also able to find then restore compressed, hidden, encrypted and archived files. It also gives a message on whether the process of recovery depending on overwritten data if it will be successful.


7.) Restoration.

Restoration comes as EXE file that requires no installation for it to run and is small in size, 400KB. It is a must have app as it runs easily on Windows machine.


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